I want to cast you back to December, 2008. Where have you been? I was 27 and was finalizing my neurobiology diploma. I was in the middle of my exam preparation and suddenly I felt very ill. Tired, headache and absolutly blurry and depressed. In the first moment I thought it was because of the exam, but then my doc found out it was Diabetes - WOW - I don´t had the time to thought about the consequences because of my exam and so I learned very fast to inject insulin and to calculate carbs. Now - years ago I think it was too fast. Because I don´t taken the time, during the first years with Diabetes, to accept and understand what this disease means deeply to me - I only react to the Diabetes - I don´t lived with Diabetes. This has changed!

Now 10 years after the diagnosis, I founded this site because I wanted to share my way to find peace with diabetes and to create a place that felt like a breath of fresh air for a person with chronic conditions. I felt strongly that we needed a space where we don’t have to compare ourselves to others and meet people with the similar daily problems. And I desined the site for more than just my diabetes topic because I strongly believe that threre is so much that connects us in our daily fight living with chronic conditions.

Most of us have incredibly busy lives, and we all live in a world of media noise. What’s authentic and true is often drowned out. My idea was to design a site that feels as if you’re reading a favorite magazine, filled with content that is both meaningful and fun. And most importantly, where you’re allowed to hear your own voice and find friends. I hope we can create a place where, after we close our browser and go about our day, we feel uplifted and excited about the possibilities of our own lives.

So, if you´re tired of being scared, if you´re had enough of the words "I can´t", if all you really want is a mindful life - with and beside your chronic condition, just the way you are - you´re in the right place. 

xo, Maren

You’re are on the journey to be
chronically you - and we’re right here with you.

We believe you can never have too many friends on your journey to a good life with a chronic illness.

From mental health advocates to personal trainers - we want to find the people that help make our experiences authentic, actionable, and credible. Meet the first voices of LIV...

Meet The Voices

Maren Schinz

T1D, Patient Entrepreneur &

Founder of LIV & mysugarcase 

PHD in Neurooncology & Mecial Writer 

Topics: Diabetes, Technology

Living in Switzerland

Katharina Weirauch

T1D, Blogger & Founder of 

Nerven aus Zuckerwatte

Journalist & Writer 

Topics: Diabetes, Depressionen, MS

Living in Germany

Hanna Boëthius

T1D, International Speaker, Writer, Podcaster & Founder of Low Carb Universe

Certified Nutrition Coach 

Topics: Diabetes, Nutrition

Living in Switzerland

Greta Ehlers

T1D, Blogger, Radio Host Classical music enthusiast & Founder of Gretastypeone

Student Strategic Communication

Topics: Diabetes, Mental Health, Travel

Living in Sweden

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We’re looking for stories and anecdotes about chronic medical illness and disability that ignite the conversation in a playful, interactive way.. Submit blogposts, photo essays, cartoons, animations, videos...

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We’re looking for stories and anecdotes about chronic medical illness and disability that ignite the conversation in a playful, interactive way. In every format. Submit blogposts, photo essays, cartoons, animations, videos, or audio.

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