FIRST TIME taking Insulin...

Updated: Feb 19

When you start taking insulin, there’s a lot to figure out. In the beginning, I was afraid of giving myself injections because I thought I’d administer the wrong dosage. I was also too embarrassed to do the injections in front of other people.

The first time I gave myself an insulin injection it took more than five minutes, and I needed nearly half a box of tissues for all my tears. Luckily my grandmom had Type 1 and had told me years ago things get more comfortable with time, and she was right.

With time, you’ll start to feel more confident about administering your medication. It won’t take as long to find the injection sites, and you’ll become more knowledgeable about the dosages. And evertything will start to come more naturally and will feel less like work.

Maren is a full-time diabetes advocate who founded her first Diabetes Startup mysugarcase shortly after her diagnosis in 2008. By offering unique & innovative medical bags she wanted to eliminate the uncertainty about the storage, public image & transport of medications. With the foundation of LIV, Maren would like to do even more to make the living with chronic illnesses more liveable.

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