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Updated: Jan 15

Have you also ever received gifts that are supposed to be "useful" for you as a diabetic? There are, for example, the diet chocolate or the diabetic socks from grandma. To avoid this year at Christmas, We've listed the diabetes-related gifts that are a little better thought out.

Diabetes Clothing

What to do if the son wears an insulin pump, but there is simply no suitable, practical to crry it? Simply do it yourself - that's what the fashion designer Hanna Barat thought and has designed practical and chic clothing for insulin pumps. At mellitus one besides quality and wearing comfort, the manufacturing process is also an important part of the brand: the chic pieces are produced fairly, sustainably and mainly in Germany.

Temperature Sensor

Med Angel manufactures temperature sensors for medicines. For the Senosor, there is an app for IOS and Android that keeps you informed about the temperature of your insulin. The sensor is moisture resistant and well suited for traveling.

Diabetes Sticker

The webshop Pepmeup has a huge selection of stickers and offer stickers for FreeStyle Libre and / or Dexcom and various insulin pumps. Aso your sensor itself you can beautify with a sticker.

Diabetes bags

Of course we are loving the mysugarcase bags designed by our founder. They are available in countless colors, with different handles and inlays, so that there is something for every diabetic. In addition, there is an extra rechargeable battery to keep your insulin at the right temperature even in the summer.The clutch of mysugarcase also offers space for cell phone, keys and money, making it the ideal companion for a party night.

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