Updated: Feb 19

Winter can be tough for everyone. When you have a chronic illness winter isn’t just tough. Most conditions are affected by the weather, and bad weather can stop someone who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid from going out to do the most simple of tasks. However, there are a few things that help me that we would like to share with you:

Instant hand warmers/heat packs.

For people with diabetes, it can be hard to measure blood sugar at low temperatures if your hands get too cold and for wheelchair user can cold, wet weather be particularly unpleasant. It is easy to get cold very quickly and without even realizing. To help with this, always make sure you have some automatic hand warmers with you. These can be used anywhere — hands, feet, legs, back, wherever they are needed.


Wearing several layers is great, but can sometimes be tricky with a chronic illness. It can be difficult for some people to get several layers of clothing on and off and can also be awkward with certain clothing if you are in a wheelchair or are reliant on TPN or Insulin Pump. But if you can wear lots of layers, do. Also Athletes often used to wear thermal base underwear and clothes to keep them warm and cozy. These can easily replace the layers and there is now even great laundry with holes for Insulin pumps or TPN by mellitus one.

Maren is a full-time diabetes advocate who founded her first Diabetes Startup mysugarcase shortly after her diagnosis in 2008. By offering unique & innovative medical bags she wanted to eliminate the uncertainty about the storage, public image & transport of medications. With the foundation of LIV, Maren would like to do even more to make the living with chronic illnesses more liveable.

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