Our constant question to ourselves: “How can we make the world better for people with chronic illness?” 

We want to build a community of people who are living their diversity and be united by living a life with a chronic illness.

We are more than our daily symptoms. We want to send inspiration in all areas of our lives in addition to medical information.

COMMUNITY Rules & Values

Welcome! For us, a respectful and attentive way of dealing with each other is the foundation to build a community that gives inspiration, support and information. We all want this one thing: to maneuver us and our families safely and healthy and with as much joy as possible through this adventure called "life". So we would like to ask you to pay attention to the following:

Respectful treatment
There are so many opinions as sand on the beach. But the beach is so beautiful because of its variety of grains of sand. Therefore, please respect the variety of therapy concepts, opinions or life models. You do not have to like everything. But we would love a respectful attitude like: "This is not for me, but if it works for you, congratulations!" And we want everyone to feel safe talking about their health journey without being overwhelmed by the input of others. We ask you to refrain from giving unsolicited advice and if you still want to, please ask permission first.

Protected space
An aquarium full of piranhas is a petting zoo compared to the web world. We want to build a community whose foundation is authenticity and respect. An honest exchange can only take place if you know who is behind it. So we ask for an honest registration and no fake profiles. Make the internet great again!

Transparency applies to everyone
Unfortunately, we can not build up our dream community without cooperations. This is why isolated articles will be produced in cooperation with partners. But you can be sure that we choose these partners according to our values ​​and rules and that cooperation has great added value for all of us. Of course, these articles are clearly marked.

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